Saturday, June 10, 2006

Read a good book lately

People you don't know are content waiting to be explored
I look each person as if they are a book. The cover doesn't have to be attractive, but then you either need to have something catchy keywords or phrases on the back cover or have a few interesting pictures to show. Nevertheless, when there isn't much to do, any book is better than none. A large gather of people is like being in a book store.

Hottest on the Block
I frey from the popular ones, crowded around ones. Yes, they would be the best people to talk with and could do the most benefit, but in a conjested setting you're much less likely to get the right time, attention, and ultimately much less likely to be remembered.

Time Managment
Pick your books well and when you've learned enough, learn how to take a quick note, put them down and move on to the next when you've learned enough; time is valueable.

The way in which people personally interact with each other dictates the very nature of life. In future threads I'll discuss more of my belief on this.
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