Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beginning the list

I love to network. Whether its at business events, games, weddings, or a few people in a bar you'll find me gabbing away. I'm definetely not the best at entry lines, but I can generally hold good conversation with quality people.

I often learn about other people, those whom I'd like to someday meet and gain some valuable insight from. I'm starting this blog now to keep an operating list of my "wishful connections" in networking.

This list isn't for ranking or prioritizing entries, but mearly tracking whom I think would be good to eventually meet. In starting, are two people whom I read about today:
  • Martin Devon, CIO Sanders
    • Martin is a information mastermind, master networker, we'll versed in technology and information. He manages a well composed blog called as well as a few others. His blog is full of interesting points on politics, culture and technology. He has a lot to say, or moreover a lot to share. It's comforting to read from someone who is open about their personal life and interests. I'm sure that it's this integrity which has lead him to the sucesses in business and life. Martin is highly respected among those he knows and might even be considered a mensch.

      While Martin is just out of my network reach, I'm destined to meet him someday soon since my LinkedIn network has over 10 people who know someone which Martin knows. I've never seen someone that close to being connected; wouldn't be interesting if LinkedIn sent an alert when people are that close.

  • Chien Wang, CEO AwardElements
    • Chien is a well communicated, straight-forward, down to earth person. He is a sucessful businessman and is a master networker. I got on his email list a few months ago and he promotes his business and his life very well. Even though I never met him, he made me feel connected by sharing his personal experiences.

      His association with AwardElements couldn't be more fitting. AwardElements sells Promotional Products in Los Angeles and has 1000's of useful yet promotional, marketing items. I'm looking at a giving thermos coffee cups to propective partners. Part of being sucessful with the people in your network means that they benefit from the relationship; even these small tokens can make a substadifference.
    • UPDATE: I meet Chien today and instantly recognized him since his face had been so famous in my email. Everything I believed about him was true; he speaks very well and shows a high degree of sincerity and desire to work with others. In fact, Chien even had a wing-networker with him.

    • A wing-networker is someone you have a business relationship with but not in the same company. They should bring be good at provoking conversation and ideally they'll make you look and effectively double your coverage of the room by finding other interesting people.

      On this occassion Chien brought, and paid for, Ricardo Guzman his business banker from Banco Popular. After meeting with Ricardo I realized that I needed a personal banking relationship in Latin America; after connecting, I actually started and funded an account later that same day. Chien is a fantastic person to know, he values people before business and is and about the easiest person to talk to that you will ever meet. I hope one day to be his wing-networker!
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