Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eating with Keith Ferrazzi

Keith is known world-wide for being the master-networker. His company Ferrazzi Greenlight offers consulting and coaching to organizations. Keith's bio is so impressive, yet his personal charisma is electrifying and stands for itself.

See his Microsoft Small Business Summit speaking engagement. This is motivational for the entrapeneur, office worker, student or house wife. For Keith, it is apparent that networking comes natural; we can only hope to emulate him in social sucess. Pick up a few tips from him by reading "Never Eat Alone". This is loaded with good information; I won't even attempt to review it since so many reputable persons have reviewed it already.

If your fortunate to meet meet (or eat!) with Keith, make sure you talk from the heart. But the same goes for all relationships. One of the biggest values I relish from Keith is "Put yourself out on the table":
  • what is it that you want,
  • what can you offer,
  • what are you afraid of
  • what is the big picture (or dream) you're going after and how do I fit in?