Sunday, June 11, 2006

Marshall Toplansky

Marshall is a Harvard MBA grad and a marketing guru. He is CEO of CoreStrategies a marketing firm with several top tier accounts. I had a missed connection with Marshall at a recent Bowers Museum event put on by Harvard Business School Association of Orange County.

Marc Kelly
The very next night after the Bowers Mummy event, OCVG hosted Cocktails with the VC's which Arnaud and I crashed. There I met Marc Kelly, CFO of CEYX Technologies, a company which produces software to control and optimize optics in LCD displays and fiber communication. Marc also went to USC, my alma mater and then Harvard Business School (I presume with Marshall). Marc is very entertaining to talk with; he's quick witted and has great generational gap stories about his teenage children. In our talking, we just happen to find that Marc is good friends and neighbors with Marshall. Marc had no problem giving me Marshals contact information; so I look forward to meeting Marshall soon.
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