Saturday, June 17, 2006

Johannes Larcher

Today I was browsing linked in and through my profile I came across Johannes Larcher. Johannes is linked through George Kellerman, a friend, former co-worker and astonishing role model. I found Johannes because George's had good things to say about him, and coming from George, this is a very valuable endorsement.

Johannes comes from Wharton and has an incredible record in the Internet space. He held senior positions at Overture and Friendster, both of which are very successful ventures and prior to those he brought Korn Ferry recruitment online. If you're looking for a guy who knows how to suceed online, Johannes can speak with experience.

He is now producing online educational software at Academy123 and consulting with Cineal Inc. Academy123 is an online application for learning; it provides the student an online teacher through a very slick interface. I believe that this hosted educational software will change the face of traditional learning. If you haven't seen it, it's worth looking at their online samples. Having been a tutor and teachers assistant in college and I've considered ways in which tutoring could be individualized and made commonly available through the internet. His software might a great fit for that need too.

More relevant to my interest today is his consultation in media and online applications for my company, RelevantAds. RelevantAds provides an application service for regional media and online publishers. While Cineal Inc. is still forming (according to its website), I look forward to connecting with its key asset, Johannes himself. Johannes would likely have great advice and connections on helping us deliver our solution to the market.
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